The Shop & Staff

Coombes Cycles was opened at 98 Widemarsh Street in 1980 by Brian Coombes and started a humble existence with quite a small shop and limited workshop space.

The reigns were then passed to Doug Probert a few years after and then in 1987, the first move to larger premises, No. 94, took place. The sales floor and workshop both increased in size with the increase in popularity of cycling as a whole.

Mark Greenhill became proprietor on January 1st, 2000 and Phil Wright started work experience in March 2000 and we noticed that year on year, business was booming. Sales were increasing steadily in all the different aspects of the sport and repairs were becoming our mainstay and we were finding that our shop and workshop was becoming somewhat cluttered due to the level of stock and the limited space.

In early spring of 2012, the opportunity arose for us to expand the business again, by moving to our current location. This gave us a larger shop floor, allowing us to keep a wider range of stock and it also gave us more workshop space which was more suitable for the amout of repairs we were undertaking. It also gave us a metaphorical blank canvas with the shop, and gave us the chance to improve the appearance and image of the shop, whilst still retaining its character. As far as what the future holds is anybody's guess, but we can only hope that it carries on in the same fashion as the last 30 years and flourish over the next 30 and further.

Mark Greenhill

Mark is the aging, balding hobbit that owns the business. He started working in the shop in 1986 and assumed ownership January 2000. He used to race road bikes, mountain bikes and also played around with BMXs in the 80's. He has a vast knowledge of cycling and is also a Reynolds 753 approved frame builder.

Phil Wright

Phil is the cantankerous, argumentative chimp in the workshop. He started as a work experience boy in March 2000 and has lingered around the shop like a bad smell. His knowledge is wide-ranging and very in-depth in certain specialist areas. He is the shop's Hope Technology guru and also has extensive personal experience of Rohloff and other hub gear systems. His cycling interests include mountain biking, BMX, choppers and many other areas of the sport. When he can be bothered. Which isn't that often.