The Workshop is where we are in our element.
We have one of the best equipped workshops in the region, and with more than 35 years combined experience between us, the appropriate knowledge to be able to use the tools correctly.
We are able to undertake pretty much any kind of repair, ranging from replacing inner tubes to steel frame repairs. We have on several occasions succeeded with repairs that other shops were unable to complete.
As far as pricing goes, where other shops charge per hour, we charge by the job. We feel this is a far more sensible way to do it with all the other things going on at any one time. As a guideline, a new inner tube and fitting starts at £12 and a checkover where we adjust the brakes, the gears, straighten the wheels and generally check that everything is tight and functioning correctly starts at £39 plus parts. We will happily provide estimates for repairs before you commit to them, and these estimates are free in most cases.
We like to have a quick turnaround time for repairs for two reasons: We understand that for some people, their bicycle is their primary mode of transport and they are lost without it and we don't have endless storage capacity so in the nicest possible sense, we'd rather not have your bike hanging around too long...
We aim to, where possible, have repairs completed within a day. More often than not, if you've booked in advance, you can drop your bike off on your way to work in the morning and chances are it will be ready for you on your way home.
Please bear in mind that our workload does tend to be seasonal and at busy times there can be a waiting list of 2 weeks, so it is always advisable to book in advance to avoid disappointment if we can't do the repair on the offchance that day.